Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul, & Pacific Railroad Company

Freeman Depot

In 1879 the first train whistle sounded in Freeman.  R.R. Company says the Freeman Depot was built in 1888. The Freeman Depot was located on Main Street where the Associated Milk Producers warehouse is today south of the Shanard Elevator.  It faced the northeast with the tracks running from southwest to northeast, Railway Street follows the tracks.  Along the tracks was the development of several elevators and Freeman Lumber Company. The depot building was torn down in 1974 and the last train rolled through on July 12, 1978. 


Dray Line

In Freeman the first dray line to haul goods from the depot to the store was operated by Mr. Whiler.  The next was Henry Pfeiffer and then Jake Kleinsasser.  In 1919 Henry Mensch sold the dray line to Henry Wilde.


Freeman Elevators

The first elevator in Freeman was built in the 1880's.  In 1911 there were 5 elevators, in 1916 there were 7 elevators: Farmers Elevator Co, Bormann, Hofer & Gross, Pollman & Wipf, Shannard Elevator Co, Wipf elevator, and Wollmann.
In the 1950's there were 3 elevators: Farmers Coop, Park Lane, and the Shanard Elevator. 

Pollmann & Wipf

The Pollmann and Wipf Elevator was the first elevator east of the Depot.  It was built in 1916 and burned down in 1928.  Freeman Farmers Coop later bought the property.

Freeman Farmers Coop Elevator

T.R. Putnam built the first Flat Warehouse.  It was sold to John Schamber who sold it to the farmers.  Christian Buechler was the first president of the Co-op.  Freeman Farmers Elevator started in 1921 as The Farmer's Grain and Stock Company.  In 1942 the cooperation became Freeman Farmers Co-op Elevator and in 1956 a cleaner was installed.  In 1974 stockholders put up a 45,000 bushel elevator and in 1976 a silo was built on the west side of the elevator.  In 1977 a stationary mill was installed.  All grain was shipped out by rail until the mid 40's and now it is all shipped by truck so there was a 60 ton 10 x 70 foot scale added.


Shanard Elevator

In 1978 the Shanard Elevator was added sold to Freeman Farmers Coop.  Today it is owned by Keith Knodel.


Park Lane Feeds Elevator

In the early 1920's Albert T. Kaufman started the feed business with a hoe and cement box.  Albert moved his business to Freeman in 1926 and in 1929 he went into commercial feed grain manufacturing full time.  In 1930 Park Lane Feeds was built on Juniper Street where Albert operated until 1947 when he died.  Jacob "Butch" L. Hofer managed the business until 1955 when there was a fire that destroyed the building.  Park Lanes was rebuilt in 1956 and Stewart Kaufman took over.  In 1965 a pellet machine was installed and in 1971 a new grain dryer was installed.  Park Lane Feeds closed in 1994.


Freeman Farmers "Kleinsasser" Flour Mill

Freeman Farmers Flour Mill was established in 1896 by John Williams.  It was sold to Christian Buechler in 1898 who ran it until he died in 1904.  In 1904 Christian sold it to Issac Kleinsasser.  In 1906 Issac traded the roller mill for land in North Dakota.  In September 1911 the "Kleinsasser" building, Freeman Flour Mill burned down.  It was rebuilt shortly after.