Lutheran Day School

St. Paul Lutheran Day School (1888-1988)
Two years after the St. Paul church was built the Lutheran Day School was built in 1888 by the congregation.  (Corner of Fourth and Poplar street).  The school was on the first floor and the teachers residence on the second floor.  In 1890 the school ran out of room so they had to use the church building.  In 1924 Fred Haar, a member of the church, gave the school a half block of his land where Dewald Street Village is today.  In 1924 a new school was constructed with two classrooms, confirmation room, and full basement with a kitchen.  In 1948 there was a new teacherage built south of the school building.  In 1908 there were 70 students, in 1912 there were 73, and in 1952 there were 89 students at the school.  In 1997 Walnut Street Village was built and Dewald Street Village was built here in 2007.