Freeman Public School

Freeman Public School District #41 was organized in 1880.  A two room school operated from 1880 to 1881, with Rev John Wipf as the first teacher.  A six room school was built around 1882 on the corner of Railway Street and Juniper Street (Lions park site).  The school became too small so it was sold to the city in 1900 for a town hall.  (It was sold to Gideon Dewald in 1914 and was Charles Walz house in the 1970's).  In 1900 a new Public School was built at the city park site and opened in 1901.  There were three classrooms on the first floor for the younger grades and three on the second floor for the older grades.  The high school became accredited in 1914.  In the fall of 1923 a fire destroyed the public school and a new school was later built on Wipf Street.  In 1930 the old school grounds were donated to city as a public park.   Today this is "Lions Park".


The Freeman Public School at 224 S Wipf street was built in 1925 where it later became a high school.  In 1957 the gymnasium next to the school was built.  The old high school building was torn down in 2009 and the gymnasium became the Freeman Community Center in 2012. 

In 1969 43 acres of land were purchased from the Haar family for a new school on the south end of town.  A new public high school was built on the property in 1976 on Wipf Street.  In 1992 a new high school gym was added on.  In 2009 on a new public elementary school was built.

The "Fliers" was the name given to the 1935 High School basketball team meaning dashing, lasting, and flying to victory every moment of the game.  This corresponds with the 1918 naval and military flyers who would loop at altitudes of 4,000 feet, do nose dives, side slips, and other thrilling feats all learned in 8 hours.