Sixth Street & Highway 81 "Freedom Corner"

Freedom Garage and Freedom Lunch
In 1928 Andrew Schafer and Dr. Emil Tiezen built Freedom Corner.  J.J. Mendel called it "a little suburb out east." It was a half mile east of corporate limits of Freeman.  Freedom Garage was a one story brick building with the office on the right and a mechanic garage on the left, with Andrew Schafer as the mechanic.  To the east was the filling station next to the road and to the west was Freedom Lunch. 
Freedom Lunch was made up of a single small room with a few booths to the west, a bar, barbershop, pool hall, and the kitchen behind that.  It was a popular hangout known for its chislic and beer, but was also a haven for those looking to get in trouble.  It was a getaway from town due to the strict town laws because no alcohol was allowed on Main street.  There were car clubs, the Rebels from Hurley and the Drifters from Marion. 
Maude Adams was an early owner of Freedom Lunch.  “Yut” Koerner ran the Corner for a few years in the late 1940's and early 50s.  Willy Walter, Sunny Jost, Pete and Janette Mustapha worked there in the late 50s and early 60s.  They installed a fireplace and the outhouse was replaced with a restroom inside.  Another room to the east was opened up for more seating and there was a "Nickelodeon" jukebox and pinball machines.  Freedom Lunch and Freedom Garage later closed, and the Huber family began running the corner in 1964. Freedom Corner became Huber Corner and  became Casey's Corner in 2013.
Huber Motor (Sixth Street)

A landmark since 1950, initially Jack's Implement and later used by Huber Motor Compnay.  In 1964 Alvin Huber purchased land north of Schafer’s garage on Highway 81.  The Hubers had also been renting the round-topped building west of Freedom Garage/ Lunch. That structure was built in 1950 on 2 acres of property by Jack Wipf Jr., for Jack’s Implement, which had opened several months earlier on the corner of Main and Third streets (where Merchants State Bank is located today)  They had a display area for new tractors and a service area in the back.  There was show equipment, including self-propelled corn pickers around the building.  Shop closed in 1960 because of a terrible drought.  Hubers bought Schafer's Garage in 1966.  In 1971 the lot was purchased from Jack Wipf for a car lot.  In June of 1974 the building and land was sold to Orville and Reno Huber.  In 1975 The Covered Wagon was bought for future expansion on Highway 81.  In 1976, Huber Motor bought the land north of the garage owned by Ernie Stoebner, used for the Airport Inn.  That was the last of Freedom Corner.  Freedom Garage/Freedom Lunch structures were taken down in 2000 after 70 years.  Casey's bought the property from Huber Motor in 2012, and preparations for the transformation have been underway since.  The new Casey's is scheduled to open in July. 


Casey's General Store
In the fall of 2013 Casey's General Store was built on Highway 81 and the store on Cherry Street was closed.