Businesses on the 400 block of west Main Street

We will travel from the south end of Main Street to the north stopping at each business along the way.
In 1901 Jake Reuther built a Livery Stable on corner Lot 12.  J.A. Wollman later bought the Livery Stable.  Freeman Junior College had a service station here in the 1940's which they rented out to the Freeman Coop.  The gas station became Schamber service station (Champlin gas) in the 1950's.  In the 1960's John Deere operated in the building.  The building became Stucky's Electric in 1974.  The old building was taken down and a new one was built in 1985.  Stucky's Electric is still here today.

Fred Haar > Wiens Auto Mart
In 1902 John J. Hoellwarth built a carpenter shop here which he ran until he sold the building to Fred Haar.
In 1882 Fred Haar formed a partnership (in the hardware and implement business) with his brother-in-law Christopher Guenthner.  They bought the building north of Wipf Bros. on Main street and named the business Guenthner and Haar.  In 1901 Fred took sole ownership and ran the business until 1913 when he moved here. 
In the twenties Fred Haar sold International Harvester and John Deer but was forced to choose between them.  In 1938 Fred retired and his three sons Robert, Hugo, and Theodore managed the business.  Robert sold his interest in 1944 and Hugo did the same a few years later.  In 1947 a fire destroyed part of the building and they remodled.  Theodore's sons Herb and Al managed the business after Theo died in 1952.  In 1972 the business moved to Highway 81 and Leonard  Wiens bought the property on Main street.  Leonard moved Wiens Auto Mart here from the  Mobil One gas station (across from AMPI site to the east).  The building here later became Gary's Garage and is now S & S Ag Supply building. 
Freeman Library
In 1935 the Dorcas Society began a public interest for the city to have a library.  By 1939 their efforts paid off when the library opened in the "Friesen builing".  This was the old cream station, a run down building connected to the south side of City Hall.  Freeman Library operated here in 1939, and was turned over to the city as a free library in 1942.  The trustees were Hugo Haar, Mrs. Emil Ellwein, Mrs. Wm Tschetter, Mrs. Oscar Gering, and Mrs. John Kleinsasser.  The library operated here until 1972 when it was moved to Third Street (City Hall location).  Dorthea Albrecht and Olga Stucky were the librarians during this time.
Blacksmith > Freeman City Hall

In the late 1800's Carl Mutchelknaus Blacksmith Shop was here.  In the early 1900's the building was removed so the the Opera House Theater could be built on Main Street.  A forty foot addition was soon added to the opera house.  City Hall which was located on Third street, moved into the Opera House building in 1913.  The city jail was located in the basement along with the fire department.  Jake Huber was the marshal.  The second floor was a large auditorium with a stage.  City Hall operated on Main street until 1972 when a new building was constructed on Third street.  The old building was torn down in 1974.

Below the Mayors of Freeman are listed from 1891-1976.

1891-Christ Buechler, 1892-Fred Haar, 1893-Christ Buechler, 1895-John Schamber, 1896-Christ Buechler, 1898-William Dewald, 1899-Christ Baer, 1901-Sam Walter, 1910-John Schamber, 1911-1917 J.J. Wipf, 1918 Christ Baer, 1919-R.A. Gering, 1920-1921 J.M. Wollman, 1922-J.J.Waltner, 1924-J.M. Wollman, 1926 J.C. Neufeld, 1930 David Ellwein, 1934-1938 Fred Stolp, 1940 A.T. Kaufman, 1942-J.C. Neufeld, 1946 John A. Wipf, 1952-Hugo Haar, 1953 Jacob L. Hofer, 1954-John D. Unruh, 1956-1960 Eldon P. Senner, 1962-Walt Bruun, 1970-Allenton Aman, 1976-Leonard Wiens


Tin Shop

On the south side of the post office Dave Ellwein built a tin shop in 1901.  Dave had purchased "Tinner Tools" from Gunthner and Haar.  Ed Ellwein became the tinner in 1910.  In the first photo you see the Tin Shop building second to the left with the sliding door.  In 1949 the new Implement building was constructed at 423 Main.


Freeman Post Office > Freeman Implement > Freeman Chiropractic Solutions
In 1876 Andreas Schrag was appointed postmaster of the first post office 8 miles southeast of Freeman on 443rd Ave known as "Childstown Post Office".  A few miles west was "Ourtown Post Office" and a few miles to the southeast on 285th St was "Spring Valley Post Office".  The Freeman Post Office was established in 1880 with Wm. Keith as the first postmaster.  The next was John Schamber, then N.D. Farley.  Christian Buechler became postmaster in 1887 and later Wm Dewald.  Mr. Dewald resigned in 1898 and Dr. A.A. Wipf took over.  (The post office moved above the Wipf Drug Store).  Dave Ellwien contructed a building for a post office in 1901 on Lot 3, and Peter R. Stading took over in 1902.  In 1904 a 26 mile Rural Free Delivery route started.  The post office remained on Lot 3 until 1916 when it moved to the Kleinsasser Drug building.  (Strasser Law Office site). 

In 1949 Eldon's Implement constructed a new building at 423 Main.  In 1965  Earl Gering and Ray Anderson bought the implement and it became Freeman Implement (Case IH).  Ray sold his interest to Earl in 1973.  In 1999 the business expanded and Freeman Implement moved to Highway 81.  Anderson Homeworks operated here in 2002.  In 2013 Harvest Insurance operated here.  In 2014 Freeman Chiropractic Solutions moved into 423 Main Street. 

Farmer's Co-op > Eldon's Implement

In 1882 John Feiok opened a harness shop here.  In 1909 a group of farmers started Farmer's Implement which became Farmer's Co-operative Implement Company in 1911.  (Strasser Law Office site)  In 1912 Math. Hafner built a garage on the corner.  It was sold to Christ Buechler who sold it to the Implement in 1913.  The Implement operated on the corner until 1946, Chas Preheim was manager from 1920 to 1937. In 1944 a 50 x 100 foot brick building with a quonset storage was built.  In 1946 it was sold to Eldon Graber and Eldon Senner and became "Eldon's Implement".  In 1949 a new building was constructed to the south at 423 Main.