Businesses on the 200 block of west Main Street

We continue our travel north along Main Street.
Schamber Bros. store > Prarie Town Plaza
In 1879 Christian Buechler moved his grocery store from Yankton on a hay rack to (corner of Third and Main street).  It was reconstructed and became the first business in Freeman.  In 1881 George Schamber, John Schamber, and John Dubs bought the store for $1500 and started Schamber Bros General Mercantile Business in 1882.  John Dubs left the business soon after and went back to the farm.  The first floor was the general store and the second was living quarters for George Schamber's family until 1891.  In 1900 the building was moved to (Laber Locker's Meat site and the old store was sold back to Buechler in 1901) so Schambers could build a new building.  A two story brick building was constructed with a basement dug by hand.  The Schambers store sold groceries on the right side of the store and dry goods/clothing on the left.  Goods consisted of coffee beans, sugar, salted herring, syrup, soda crackers, apples, butter, and poultry.  In 1901 an awning was built and later an elevator was built.  In 1902 J.C. Schamber installed a new light plant.  In 1907 the Freeman Volunteer Fire Co. saved Schamber Bros. building from a devastating fire.  Offices in the building belonged to the Freeman Courier, the Telephone Company, College dorm, Dr. Wipf, Dr. M.M. Hofer, and Dr. Irvin Kaufman.  From 1907 to 1955 Dr. Jacob H. Wipf ran his dentist office above the Shamber store. 

Before the 1960's stores on Main street were open late on Saturday nights for business.  There was a saloon across the street and Merchants State Bank to the north.  The business ran out of dry goods in 1964 and later closed in 1971.  The building was sold to Al Myers.  In 1975 Gideon Rembold moved the Ben Franklin store here from the People's Store and ran the business for several years.  Ray and Kathleen Wipf opened Prairie Town Plaza here in 1989.  The building included Prairie Town Gifts, The Corner Closet, Stich-n-Time, and Ivan and Ray's Carpet.  The building was later sold to John Stahl.  It sits empty today. 

Merchants State Bank > Jake Gross Cream & Poultry Shop > The Mane Attraction
In 1899 Gotthelf and John Schamber established Merchants State Bank here.  In 1902 John Gross bought the bank and in 1913 it was moved to the current location.  John Gross had a tailor shop here for a few years.  In 1919 Jake T. Gross bought the building and began "Gross Creamery".  Northwest Public Service was here.  Maine Attraction operated here until 2013 when the business became Flawless Nail and Hair Salon.
Dr. A.A. Wipf and J.W. Wipf office > Pollman Drug Store > The Kairos
In 1885 N.D. Farley opened the first drug store here.  He sold the store to Groves and he later sold it to John Gross in 1889.  In 1894 Dr. A.A. Wipf and J.W. Wipf constructed a new building here for their offices (oldest drugstore in town).  Dr. A.A. Wipf was the first permanent physician and surgeon in Freeman.  The post office was over the drugstore while he served as postmaster.  Wipf and Wipf were in business until 1904 when they sold they store to Christ Guenthner.  Guenthner started "Guenthner & Son Drug Store" which ran until 1907.  In 1908 Andrew Hofer and J.J. Pollman bought the building and opened "Pollman Drug Store".  John K. Hofer used the office above the store from 1912 to 1916.  In 1921 (his nephew) John A. Wipf moved his plumbing and heating business here.  He lived above the store until 1927 when he moved his business to the Sugar Bowl.  In 1928 J. Rosen brought his tailor shop here.

Mike Walter started a furniture store in 1939 and ended in 1942 during the war.  In 1948 Mike bought the Jake Wollman store (Karios site) and in 1949 started Walter Furniture store.  Mike also brought in the funeral home.  (In 1955 Walter Funeral Home was built on Juniper street).  Walter Furniture Store was still in operation here until the 1980's.  In 1987 Julie Huber and Betty Haar opened The Kairos (Living Fountain).  The Karios is still in operation today.
Hofer Drug Store > Village Toggery > Ann's Place
The "City Lunch Room" was here in the early 1900's.  In the early teens the Orpheum Theatre operated above the drug store.  John K. Hofer ran Hofer Drug Store from around 1910 to 1915.  In 1916 John built a new 2 story building for his business "Red Cross Pharmacy".  In the late 1940's he moved his business south a block.  J. K. Hofer was a druggist for 50 years and died in 1962.  The Village Toggery was here in the 1960's and early 70's.  In 1974 Julie's Cafe started here.  (Above Julie's Cafe was Carolyn's Cut & Curl which started in 1976 and now is on Cherry street.)  Julie's Cafe later became Freeman Cafe.  In 2008 the building became Ann's Place and currently is here. 

Waldner Cafe > Gross Cafe > Glenn Roth Law

In 1903 Frank Zickrick moved his saloon here (from the Schrag building).  In 1906 John Waldner ran the "Palace Saloon".  In 1911 John Pankratz opened a restaurant in the building.  Fred Jundt bought Waldner’s Café in 1913.  In 1915 the building became John Gross Café & Hotel.  The building later became Farm Loan Associates.   Farmers Dairy and Produce office was here in 1962.  Attorney Dick Splide and Attorney Blue were here in the 1970's.  Mr. Blue moved down Main street and Mr. Splide sold the building to Glenn Roth in 1980 and he started Roth Law Office.  Freeman Courier operated in the small building to the north from 1984-1995.  Glenn Roth is doing business here today.