Businesses on the 100 block of east Main Street

Mobil One Gas Station
In 1924 Jacob A. Kleinsasser got a building permit for a filling station on the railroad grounds north of Thompson Yards.  Jacob started Mobil One "White Eagle" gas station on the corner of Main and Railway street and operated the gas station for many years.  In 1960 Sorenson Surge was founded here by Chet and Marge Sorensen.  In 1972 Chet bought the former Wiens Auto Mart building at 144 S Main (after Leonard Wiens moved to the south end of Main street).  Sorensen Surge sold and serviced "Surge" dairy equipment.

Cities Services Station > Stern Oil

In 1929 Cities Service Oil Co was built by Jacob J. Pollman.  J.J. Kleinsasser ran the business.  Around 1933 Mylo Preheim took over and the business became Preheim Service Station.  Mylo would later sell to Ted Graber.  Stern Oil began in 1976 when they purchased Aamlid Oil Co. on Main street.  They purchased the plant from Standard Oil Co. in 1977 at 100 S Main.  (They later moved to their current location on Highway 81).  Freeman Lumber Co. storage building is here today.


Freeman Lumber Company

In 1901 the St. Croix Lumber Company office was built.  Freeman Lumber Company began here in 1917.  There were 52 stockholders.  Fred Stolp was manager from 1921 to 1957 when Marlan Wollman took over.  The main building was torn down in 1940 and a new building was constructed.  In 1964 the United Building Center Lumber Company was bought and several more building were constructed.  Today the business is known as Freeman Lumber Company.

Bob and Shirley Stewart ran the "Food Shack" grocery store in the 1970's at 320 N Main street.  This later became "Main Video".  Preheim Lawn and Landscaping moved in later and Main Video moved down the street. 

The fire brigade was organized in 1891.  The fire station was in city hall for many years.  Now the Freeman Fire and Ambulance station is here.